I have been using Google compute engine for a while for our big customers. The compute engine Webserver resources usage is always high during production hours from 9AM to 8PM during night the server resources utilisation will be just 30% to 40% but we have to pay for all the entire resources, So I have used Google cloud load balancer concept to save money and to give high performance.

Google cloud compute engine load balancer(LB) is the great options.
eg : Our production Web servers are running with 32CPU,80GB RAM for 24/7 So need to pay for 32CPU,80GB RAM for always. So I have introduced LB here. 

How it works,
First create an image with our application, and create a template with the image.Template resources – 10 CPU,26GB RAM
Now instance groups have to create by above template and we can define auto scale options from 1 to 4 instances can create during Production hours
LB is configured under instance groups, when the LB utilisation is more then the instances will create automatically and scale it. During non production hours only one server(10cpu,26GB RAM) will run with less resources.
Through this we have started saving some dollars and gave better performance to our customers.
Ref : https://cloud.google.com/load-balancing/

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