Today we will see a new tool called "Grafana-Loki" which is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.

Loki stack consists of 3 components,

Loki  - Stores logs and processing queries.

Promtail - It is an agent, to collect logs on a host and send to Loki

Grafana - To query and display the logs from Loki.

We will install this stack setup in Kubernetes cluster and view the logs.


Running Kubernetes Cluster

Helm installed

Step 1 :

Install Loki,

# cd /tmp

# git clone

# cd /tmp/loki/production/helm

# helm install loki -n loki

Step 2 :

Install Promtail,

# cd /tmp/loki/production/helm

# helm install promtail -n promtail

Step 3 :

Install Grafana,

# helm install stable/grafana -n grafana

Step 4 :

Login to Grafana and configure Loki as data source,

After login to Grafana,

Choose Gear icon > choose Data Sources > Add Data Source > Choose Loki and configure it.

Step 5 :

View Logs from Loki in Grafana,

Now choose Explore icon and view the logs,

That's it, Loki has been successfully installed in Kubernetes and viewed Logs in Grafana from Loki.

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