Every DevOps wants to know what is the status of Jenkins Jobs, whether it is running successfully or not. So each and every time we need to login Jenkins portal to view the status or check email for success report. Here is an option to achieve it, we will use "Build Monitor Plugin" to view the status of last few jobs and will put it in a TV/Monitor so that we can view the status of each recent job always.

Build Monitor Plugin : It is a Jenkins Plugins and it used to provide visualization of selected Jenkins jobs status and its update automatically.

In this blog, we will see how to deploy this plugin in Jenkins and configure it.

Step 1:

Install Build Monitor plugin,

Jenkins version : 2.222.3

Login to Jenkins > click Manage Jenkins > Go to plugin manager  > choose available tab search for "Build Monitor View"

Then click install the plugin.

Step 2 :

Configure Build Monitor plugin,

Go to Jenkins dashboard, click new view,

Next, give the name and choose "Build Monitor View" then click ok.

Now choose the required jobs to be listed in the view and change the view settings under "Build Monitor - View Settings" section to list the jobs status based on last build time, Name, etc then
click ok,

Here is the status of my test jobs,

You can reconfigure the settings by click the Gear icon from the right top side.It will automatically update the status so no need to enable auto refresh.

Now we can put this screen in a TV/monitor to view the status of Jenkins Jobs.

That's all, we have successfully installed "Build Monitor View" plugin in Jenkins and viewed the selected job status.

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