In this blog, we will explore a new tool called 'Rover,' which helps to visualize the Terraform plan

Rover : This open-source tool is designed to visualize Terraform Plan output, offering insights into infrastructure and its dependencies.

We will use the "Rover" docker image, to do our setup and visualize the infra.


1.Linux/Windows VM

2. Docker

Steps 1 : Generate terraform plan output

I have a sample Azure terraform block in devopsart folder, will generate terraform plan output from there and store is locally.

cd devopsart

terraform plan -out tfplan.out

terraform show -json tfplan.out > tfplan.json

Now both the files are generated.

Step 2 : Run Rover tool locally,

Execute below docker command to run rover from the same step 1 path,

docker run --rm -it -p 9000:9000 -v $(pwd)/tfplan.json:/src/tfplan.json im2nguyen/rover:latest -planJSONPath=tfplan.json

Its run the webUI in port number 9000.

Step 3 : Accessing Rover WebUI,

Lets access the WebUI and check it,

Go to browser, and enter http://localhost:9000

In the UI, color codes on the left side provide assistance in understanding the actions that will take place for the resources when running terraform apply

When a specific resource is selected from the image, it will provide the name and parameter information.

Additionally, the image can be saved locally by clicking the 'Save' option

I hope this is helpful for someone who is genuinely confused by the Terraform plan output, especially when dealing with a large infrastructure.

Thanks for reading!! We have tried Rover tool and experimented with examples.


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