Botpress is an open-source bot creation tool for for building and managing voice and chat bots.It is powered by a rich set of open-source modules built by the community. 

Botpress consists of multiple components,Here are some of the components that are installed by default:

  • An NLU Engine
  • An administration dashboard
  • A visual flow editor
  • A chat emulator / debugger
  • Support for multiple messaging channels

In this blog I will show how to install botpress and bring our chatbot up and running.

Requirements :

OS : CentOS 7.6
NodeJS : 10.x

Step 1 :

Install Latest epel-release,

#yum install -y epel-release

Install NodeJs application,

#curl -sL | sudo bash -

#yum install -y nodejs

Check the nodejs version

#node -v

Step 2 :

Install botpress

#npm install botpress -g

To check the botpress version,

#botpress -V

Step 3:

Create our first bot project,

here am creating a bot name as jimmy-bot.You can use any name.

#botpress init jimmy-bot

It will ask bot name,description and author details after given the details hit enter,

Now one new directory named "jimmy-bot" will be created after successfully initialized.Go to the directory and run npm install.

#cd jimmy-bot

#npm install

Step 4 :

Start your botpress,

#npm start

After its started at the end you will get a webchat Url,which can access botpress web interface. 

To access Botpress Dashboard use, http://botpress_server_IP:3000/dashboard

To access Botpress Chat session use, http://botpress_server_IP:3000/s/chat

Thats it, Botpress installation is done successfully and able to chat with it, Now you can create your own module and run it.


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